100 Thieves breeze past last-place TSM via Ssumday’s impressive performance


100 Thieves breeze past last-place TSM via Ssumday’s impressive performance

CMD368 – TSM and 100 Thieves couldn’t have come into today’s week four LCS matchup in more different positions, with 100T entering the week in a tie for second place, while TSM stood in a tie for last alongside CLG after winning only one of their first six games. Despite an honorable attempt from TSM, the 34-minute game ultimately went in favor of 100T, who retained second place in the LCS.

TSM and 100T kept pace with each other throughout the early game, trading kills and objectives evenly for the first 20 minutes of the contest. It wasn’t until 100T took the lead in kills and gold that they were able to take a much-needed Baron 25 minutes into the game, eventually pushing the gold differential out of reach for TSM. A four-for-zero teamfight over the second Baron of the game went in favor of 100T, allowing them to push into TSM’s base, secure the Baron, and win the game outright.

If there was any lane matchup that 100T won the game, it was the mismatch in the top lane. Twenty minutes into the game, 100T top laner Ssumday had a two-kill, 50-minion advantage over TSM’s Huni, allowing him to turn his advantage into a full item: a Hullbreaker that he used to push 100T’s lead in the side lanes of Summoner’s Rift.

By the time the game came to a close, 100T took all six of TSM’s side lane turrets, while Ssumday’s Tryndamere finished the contest with a perfect scoreline of 4/0/5.

TSM will return to the LCS stage in hopes of a win tomorrow against longtime rival CLG, while 100T are set to square off against Cloud9. If FlyQuest, who currently owns sole possession of first place, were to lose later today against Evil Geniuses, 100T would slide up the standings into a tie for first.