Activision is refreshing Call of Duty: Mobile’s seasonal count


Activision is refreshing Call of Duty: Mobile’s seasonal count

CMD368 – Call of Duty: Mobile’s first season of 2021 will launch later this month, but to the surprise of fans, Activision announced in a community update today that it will not be called season 14. Instead, the company is refreshing the seasonal count and will call it season one. Activision releases a new season into Call of Duty: Mobile every month. The reason behind the move could be for simplifying the seasonal count. The company has said that it will be unveiling the season next week along with a few teasers dropping around that time.


The community update also confirmed that two new weapons will be coming with the new season. Only one of these will be an assault rifle. While an exact release date for the season hasn’t been revealed, it will likely kick off on Jan. 26 at 6pm CT. The 13th season will conclude 24 hours before this. Earlier this week, Activision also released a public test build for CODM. The build was used for some “tech-based” tests but also revealed a new mode, The Attack of the Undead 20, which could be coming next season.

A new map called Rebirth may also make its way to the game with the upcoming season. It was present in the public test build that was released in December 2020 but wasn’t released in season 13.

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