Beyond Epic: OG lossess to Vikin.GG


Beyond Epic: OG lossess to Vikin.GG

CMD368 – OG were unbeaten so far at Beyond Epic: Europe & CIS, their series were always hard-fought victories – even when taking a 2-0 over B8 just yesterday. Their opponent today also would not make anything easy for them, as had been showing a lot of promise and they came out fighting. Crushing OG in the first game of the series with a 49-15 scoreline, seemed to have their opponents on the ropes, but as we know, that’s when OG strike back. Tying the series proved to be quite simple for OG as a Sumail ‘SumaiL’ Hassan Mirana came out for of the draft.

With a decisive game on the way, looked to leapfrog OG in Group A and do so with style as they picked a Broodmother. While OG held the lead for the opening 20-minutes, kills became extremely scarce after this and as their lead diminished, it became clear that would secure the series 2-1. Both teams now have one final group stage series remaining – both needing to fight the dominant force that is Team Secret in the coming days.

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On the other hand, had lost in their opening series, which was the first series of today, they had another chance to secure some points today as they went up against FlyToMoon. With a Spectre drafted in the first game, VP knew that they were on a timer to either slow down the hero’s farm or end the game before it got out of hand. Unfortunately for VP, they were completely unable to deal with FTM at all and threw in the towel after 23-minutes.

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