Call of Duty: Mobile Season 1 2021 has officially begun


Call of Duty: Mobile Season 1 2021 has officially begun

CMD368 – Call of Duty: Mobile’s first season of 2021 has begun. It is called New Order and has brought a lot of features to the game including a new Battle Pass, map, mode, weapons, and more. The season is also called one instead of 14 as Activision has decided to refresh the seasonal count in an attempt to keep the count simple. Players can hop into the new season and its accompanying patch by updating the game through an in-game update.

The new multiplayer map is called Reclaim and it is a CODM exclusive. The medium-sized map is set in the marketplace of an abandoned city. An operator skill called the Gravity Vortex Gun and a burst assault rifle, the FR .556 have also dropped into the game. A new battle royale mode called Blitz can also played now. It is a more intense version of the normal battle royale mode with faster zones and a smaller map.

 Call of Duty: Mobile MOBILE

A lot of new features are also going to release throughout the season in Call of Duty: Mobile. This includes the three-vs-three gunfight mode, Attack of the Undead 20, Desperado BR class, SKS, and the Gas Grenade. The battle pass contains 50 tiers of rewards that players have to advance through by completing missions. It has two variants. One of them is the free version while the premium version costs CP to purchase.

The free version offers significantly lower rewards. However, the new operator skill (Gravity Vortex Gun) and weapon (FR .556) can be unlocked in tiers 14 and 21 of the free battle pass. The premium battle pass costs 220 CP and gives a lot of exclusive rewards including skins, emotes, soldiers, and more. The Rogue Agent blueprint for the FR .556 can also be unlocked at tier 50 of the premium BP. The season will last for about a month.

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