Cloud9 parts ways with their CS:GO head coach kassad


Cloud9 parts ways with their CS:GO head coach kassad

CMD368 – After less than four months, Aleksandar “⁠kassad⁠” Trifunović is no longer the head coach of Cloud9 CS:GO. This decision came to be due to “a stylistic clash between the IGL (Alex) and Kassad’s game, leading to a few too many compromises from a strategic point of view,” according to General Manager Henry “HenryG” Greer.

Greer went on to say that he felt it was best to make this decision during the player break in order to “prepare for the next season.” He also explained that he is “still deciding which path to follow regarding the position.” He cited the recent coaching exploit scandal as a reason that his options are limited. Given that the ESIC has banned 37 coaches, it certainly checks out.

“With the player break here, I’ve decided that it was in everyone’s best interest to move in a different direction and prepare for the next season,” HenryG said. “Thanks to kassad for laying the foundations for the team and we wish you all the best.”

During his time with Cloud9, kassad was the first member of the division as he helped Greer build out the lineup. Their best placements in their short time together was top four at BLAST Premier Fall Showdown and a playoff appearance at Dreamhack Masters Winter.


With his departure, HenryG doesn’t have immediate plans to fill the team’s hole at coach, citing the recent coaching bans due to a spectating bug controversy as a reason. “I am still deciding which path to follow regarding the position,” HenryG said. “Considering the recent controversy around the role, my options are rather limited. Also, I think coaching is still a bit of a dark art we haven’t quite harnessed when it comes to CS:GO. With that said, I am absolutely willing to take a gamble on someone looking to prove themselves at the very top.”

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