Could Shroud be teasing a return to competing?


Could Shroud be teasing a return to competing?

CMD368 – In a post on July 30th, his first since he made a post on June 22nd sharing his appreciation of the Mixer community, he said nothing and only offered a gif. In the gif viewers will see a weapon firing off whilst the silhouette of what appears to be Omen, an agent from VALORANT, moves overtop of it. What is shroud hinting at? It’s the question everyone is wondering.

The popular streamer and former professional Counter-Strike player has been relatively off the grid since Mixer announced it was shutting its doors on June 22nd but has made two mysterious posts since. The one common theme in his posts? VALORANT. Initially many fans speculated that this was just a teaser that he’d be returning to streaming soon, however, several days later the popular broadcaster has posted another video and it’s changed the narrative a bit.


With another gif going live from his account once again showcasing VALORANT on top of a knife and weapon, fans are beginning to think he may be returning to professional play. This would be a major shift given his repeated stance that he would not return to competing and would remain retired as a full-time streamer. Nothing is confirmed but shroud’s return to competition would certainly garner him some attention, but one also has to believe this would be a step back in terms of income given how popular his brand is as a streamer and the limit competing would place on the hours he could spend doing so.

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