DAMWON Gaming will face Suning at the 2020 World Championship Finals


DAMWON Gaming will face Suning at the 2020 World Championship Finals

CMD368 – Despite it feels like it just started, the 2020 League of Legends World Championship is coming to its end. This weekend we have had the Semi-Finals, where DAMWON Gaming faced G2 Esports and Suning had their chance against Top Esports. After these two Bo5 series, we would know the finalists who will fight for the most important title. The first one took place on Saturday and the last Korean representative matched the last European representative.

The series promised fights, blood, action, and interesting stuff in general, and they didn’t disappoint. From the beginning, things didn’t go well for G2 Esports. They lost the first game, and despite they seemed to come back in the second game (that they won this time), DAMWON Gaming proved to be far more consistent and destroyed them in games three and four, setting a final score of 3-1.

With that result, G2 Esports, Europe’s biggest hope, says goodbye again to their dreams of becoming World Champions and comes back home with worse results than the last year, when at least they managed to go to the great finals in Paris. On the other hand, the LCK will have a representative in the final after three years of disappearance, with DAMWON Gaming being more favorites than ever.


Later on Sunday, we had the second Semi-Final between the two remaining Chinese representatives fighting for the last opportunity of the LPL to win their third World Championship in a row: Suning vs Top Esports. Suning surprised everyone when they won the first game. Top Esports was the favorite for most of the fans, who expected the first seed of the LPL to be the biggest challenger to the Summoners Cup.

But the story of the first Semi-Final was about to be repeated. Top Esports won the second game, but in the third one, some of the players committed several mistakes that led them to a new defeat. In the end, it was Suning who knew how to strike better in the fourth game and won the Semi-Finals 3-1. So we finally know who will be the final contenders… next Saturday, October 31st, the fight for the highest glory in League of Legends between Suning and DAMWON Gaming.

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