Dota 2 connection issues are keeping players from getting into matches


Dota 2 connection issues are keeping players from getting into matches

CMD368 – Dota 2 connection issues. Players have been reporting issues connecting to matches for several hours today. Valve has confirmed that a network issue is causing Dota 2 Game Coordinator to be unresponsive for many players. The Game Coordinator is simply the extension used to transfer connections to various servers and facilitate games in the Dota 2 client. When that service stops working, the game can become literally unplayable for much of the Dota player base.

Right now, many players are reporting the coordinator is getting stuck while loading matches, saying something along the lines of “searching for the Dota 2 game coordinator.” There was a huge spike in reports starting at 6pm CT on June 16 and the issues have continued today. To make sure the issue isn’t your own connection, try to play a practice Solo game with bots. Once you connect and confirm that you can run around the map and interact with enemies, close out of the match and try to connect to a multiplayer game again.

Dota 2 connection

If that doesn’t work, Valve is working on a fix, but you’ll be playing at the risk of losing all match data if you join a game right now. So if you finish a game and don’t get credit toward a guild contract or don’t see the game in your play history, the issue is still persisting.

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