Dota 2 teams that are to look out for going into 2021


Dota 2 teams that are to look out for going into 2021

CMD368 – This year will be remembered as the one that lacked The International and the bulk of the Dota Pro Circuit. But some teams have made the most out of the online season in 2020, making rising stars out of themselves in regional competitions.

Some of these rosters feature familiar names and will be burdened with expectations and watched like a hawk by fans and detractors alike. Some of these teams will be looking to take the next step, whether it’s to solidify their statuses as tier-one competitors or contending for trophies and glory. All of these teams will definitely be entertaining to watch next year—and you might even find your new favorite. Here are the Dota 2 teams to look out for heading into 2021.

1) Elephant – Elephant’s roster formation had an inauspicious start, but the copious amount of talent on this team makes them worth mentioning. On paper, it’s a collection of players with spades of talent. Aside from the relatively unknown Ru “RedPanda” Zhihao, the other four players boast experience, accomplishments, and a burgeoning trophy cabinet. Elephant have some chemistry already in place, though. Fy and Somnus played together for three years under PSG.LGD, while Eurus and Yang were teammates for two years on Vici Gaming. It helped them claim two trophies at the tail end of 2020 in China Dota 2 Pro Cup season two in November and OGA Dota PIT season four in December.

2) Mudgolems – The savvy veterans on mudgolems have made a splash in the scene. Fata’s transition to captain and drafter has been exceptional to watch. After playing with some of the greatest minds and leaders in Dota 2 throughout his career—Ceb on Sigma, N0tail on Cloud9, KuroKy on Liquid, Puppey on Secret, and ppd on Ninjas in Pyjamas—his lineups always seem to buck the trend in some way and forces opponents to think twice.

3) Virtus Pro – VP are one of the best teams in the CIS region, but they look ready and willing to go further than that. The new VP, consisting of the promoted Prodigy players, couldn’t be more different from its predecessors. The organization handed the reins to Solo in 2016, who sought out and plucked some of the finest and most established talent from the other CIS teams.

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4) Team Liquid – Liquid has come a long way. Instead of retooling their roster every year, they’ve stuck together since their Alliance days, slowly improving from an inconsistent tier-two team with flashes of brilliance to an inconsistent tier-one team that goes hot and cold like a malfunctioning thermostat but never fails to entertain.

5) – It’s strange that the organization’s most well-known name might be their coach, Daniel “ImmortalFaith” Moza, who’s known for consistently creating and updating guides for every Dota 2 hero. That’s a familiar name to any aspiring MMR grinder—and his team is on its way there.

6) Quincy Crew – Quincy Crew has gone through several organizations: VGJ.Storm, Forward Gaming, Newbee, and Chaos Esports Club. But its core has stuck together as Quincy Crew. Initially starting the season with SumaiL, it took them months after his departure to find their last man, finally settling on Brazillian talent Lelis who just came off a successful but short stint with ppd’s Ninjas in Pyjamas. Still, the Crew is one of the best teams in NA. They’ve proven that they have what it takes to hang on the international stage, but there’s still room to grow.

This isn’t an end-all, be-all list of the teams but it’s just a list created by our team that we feel are the teams to be looked out for in 2021. These are some of the best options for you to know and you could be well on your way to finding a new team to cheer.

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