DreamHack and ESL to merge into one big corporation called ESL Gaming


DreamHack and ESL to merge into one big corporation called ESL Gaming

CMD368 – Two of the biggest organizers for the Dota 2 stage, ESL and DreamHack have combined and merged into one single company called ESL Gaming with Modern Times Group being the majority shareholder. Eventough ESL and DreamHack are basically the same organisation, each of their e-sports events will remain the same. ESL tournaments will continue as usual and the DreamHack festivals will continue to run under DreamHack.

An added clarification from Modern Times Group stated that DreamHack will remain an independent brand and continue to create their one of a kind gaming lifestyle and esports events. This merging with ESL provides an opportunity for upcoming events to make it more cooler and fun.

“ESL and DreamHack are joining forces to further accelerate our shared mission to shape the future of esports and gaming – and to create a world where everybody can truly be somebody. From cosplayers showing off their creations, to online friends meeting up at their first LAN together, to, of course, setting the stage for esports at its highest possible level. Being somebody is about your personal journey in gaming and esports, and at ESL & DreamHack we are building the foundation for your next steps; no matter which world you choose,” stated the two event organizers in the official statement.

DreamHack and ESL

DreamHack and ESL also stated that by joining forces, together they “will push forward new innovations to engage with fans and communities across all of our events, platforms, formats and game titles — from gaming as lifestyle to professional levels — in every region around the world.”

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