EHOME and RNG dominate at the CDA-FDC Professional Championship


EHOME and RNG dominate at the CDA-FDC Professional Championship

CMD368 – After the group stages of the CDA-FDC Professional Championships came to an end, it was time to enter the first round of upper bracket playoff stage action – which would see two teams dropped into the lower bracket.

With PSG.LGD and Elephant.4AM claiming the top seed spots in each group, they would move on into the second round of upper bracket action at the CDA-FDC Pro Championship. For Team Aster, Royal Never Give Up, EHOME and Invictus Gaming, they would all be playing in the first round as they hoped to avoid the lower bracket – but two teams would drop into the elimination zone today. Both series today would be rather swift, with clear domination from two teams.

Having beaten 4AM in their opening series of the event, RNG lost on the same day to EHOME and a dropped game in their victory over Team MagMa would mean they would not claim the top seed spot. Today they faced off against Aster, who had made some great showings lately – finishing in third place at two recent events. However, RNG were by far the better team today, destroying their opponents mercilessly. In a little over an hour over the entire series, Aster would only muster a total of 23 kills, while RNG ran over them and secured a 2-0 victory. The win will see RNG set themselves up for a rematch against 4AM tomorrow in the upper bracket round two.


Following that, EHOME would go up against iG, and although losing to 4AM during the group stages, EHOME were in a great run of form. It showed right from the start of the series too when they meticulously picked iG apart in two games of 42-minutes. Although iG did show signs of fighting back constantly, it was never enough to take down the entire EHOME lineup or gain a firm footing against them and thus they would succumb to a 0-2 loss. For iG, this would mean that a lower bracket run would be what they would need to reach the grand finals but for EHOME, they move on to face PSG.LGD.

The CDA-FDC Professional Championships return tomorrow with some fantastic upper bracket playoff action featuring RNG and 4AM’s rematch and PSG.LGD taking on EHOME in what is set to be an explosive double dose of Dota 2 action.

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