EHOME moves its Dota 2 team to inactive roster, xNova becomes free agent


EHOME moves its Dota 2 team to inactive roster, xNova becomes free agent

CMD368 – EHOME has temporarily moved its entire Dota 2 division to an inactive state until further notice following internal discussions between the players and the organization. This decision means that the entire EHOME team will be placed on the inactive roster, except for xNova.

Rather than remaining with the team and signing a new deal, the former PSG.LGD mainstay has moved into free agency now that his contract has expired. However, xNova is the only player to leave the team, while Sylar, Xm, Chalice, and Fade are still under contract with EHOME.

The team also lists Ahjit, Zhou “Yif” Yifu, Yang “NeverEnd” Pu, Wang “old chicken” Zhiyong, and Hu “dolem” Sen as under contract, though only Ahjit has played with the team in the last six months.

Overall, EHOME had a fairly disappointing 2021 Dota Pro Circuit run, finishing sixth in both regional league seasons and missing out on competing in either Major. The team did bounce back and nearly qualified for The International 10, but fell just short after a 3-1 defeat to Elephant in the grand finals of the Chinese qualifiers.


EHOME is not the only team moving rosters to inactive status after missing TI, following the likes of TNC Predator in taking some time away from competition to “fully rest, accompany family, and better prepare for future battles.”

EHOME has been a staple of Chinese Dota since the game’s inception, having finished second at the original iteration of The International and continuing as a top team in the competitive scene over the last decade. But for now, the team will not be competing in any upcoming tournaments.

Moving forward, the team will continue publishing news about Dota, TI, and any player moves that involve the organization, with plans to return to competition post-TI10.

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