El Classico, Liquid victory and as usual Secret dominating at OMEGA League


El Classico, Liquid victory and as usual Secret dominating at OMEGA League

CMD368 – OMEGA League Europe Immortal Division reached its second last day of group stage action with three epic series of Dota 2 – which oddly all finished in three quick one-sided series.

After Natus VIncere defeated Evil Geniuses last week, they had a massive chance to cause more upsets in OMEGA League EU Immortal Division today as they went up against Alliance, who were having some struggles to find their footing so far in the event. However, with Na’Vi also not at their best, this El Classico match-up was set to produce some fireworks – or so we hoped. Unfortunately for Na’Vi, they did not show up in the same way that they did against EG and with Nikolay ‘Nikobaby’ Nikolov on his signature Faceless Void for both games, Alliance took a quick 2-0 victory, pushing them into fourth place in Group A after their five games have concluded.

Group B action wouldseef the struggling teams went head-to-head, with the possibility of tiebreakers high depending on the result. Team Liquid were yet to find a victory in their first three series and seemed destined to be relegated today but, somehow, the team rallied with their backs against the wall. A victory for FlyToMoon, their opponent, would have momentarily saved them from relegation – but they just could not a way to get past the Liquid drafts in either of the two games of their series.

This means that both FTM and Ninjas in Pyjamas are now tied at the bottom of Group B after their five games, with Liquid possibly joining them if they fail to give OG a challenge tomorrow. Meanwhile for OG, they suffered their first defeat at the tournament today and it came at the hands of the unstoppable Team Secret squad. Having dropped only a single game in their march to the top of Group B, Secret have seemed to have complete control since the start of OMEGA League: EU Immortal Division. Considering that they have beaten OG in their last five meetings and won their previous six events during the lockdown period, taking the top honours in their group was a walk in the park for Secret.

Tomorrow will be the final day of the event’s group stage as the teams will be looking to solidify their positions as well as avoid tiebreakers, if possible. For Group B, the top half is decided but the possibility of tiebreakers between the bottom three is high – while Group A has a high potential to see quite a few tiebreakers depending on the results of tomorrow’s action.

El Classico

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