EPIC League closed qualifiers have come to an end with Just Error


EPIC League closed qualifiers have come to an end with Just Error

CMD368 – EPIC League closed qualifiers have come to an end with Just Error, the surprise last minute invited team to the decider match for the second place, taking down Yellow Submarine to secure a spot into the league’s Division 1. Regarded as a CIS star-studded squad, Just Error, also running under the 404 tag, was revealed earlier today, ahead of their debut match in the qualifiers decider series against YeS. With Roman “RAMZES666” Kushnarev back in the carry position and Syed “SumaiL” Hassan back in the mid lane, 404 delivered exactly what fans expected from them in their first official match.

They started the best-of-five series playing into a Drow-Vengeful duo and a lot of team fight potential of YeS who also had a core Snapfire and a Mars to mess around with the more experienced opponents. However, despite YeS’ tremendous efforts to open the series with a victory, Ramzes’ Lifestealer proved to be impossible to control in the late game scenario.

However, headed into the second game, YeS came with a minus armor strategy that relied on Slardar in the hands of Magomed “Collapse” Halilov and he delivered. Along with Io he ruined Ramzes’s early game on Spectre and proceeded on early rotations that set up YeS for a fast paced and aggressive mid-game, thus countering 404’s game plan.

Unfortunately for them, they couldn’t keep the momentum up after evening the series and crumbled in game three and four under 404’s team fight coordination and map awareness. While they lost the spot to Division 1, Yellow Submarine are not completely out of the EPIC League. The third place finish in the qualifiers grants them a spot into Division 2, along with Ninjas in Pyjamas, 5 MEN, Live to Win, Gambit Esports, TEMPO, Winstrike, Team Empire, Nemiga Gaming and Cyberium.

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Division 1 group stage starts tomorrow, November 12, with OG playing against the new Virtus.pro lineup, while Division 2 group play matches are set to begin tonight, November 11 with Team Empire versus Cyberium. The Division 1 teams are fighting for a share of the $500,000 prize pool while Division 2 has $50,000 to offer.

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