Fear and ppd reunite to compete in BTS Pro Series Season 4 qualifiers


Fear and ppd reunite to compete in BTS Pro Series Season 4 qualifiers

CMD368 – While two of Evil Geniuses current players are briefly teaming up to lead a team in the Southeast Asia bracket for the Beyond the Summit Pro Series Season 4, two of its former players are teaming up in North America. Both Peter “ppd” Dager and Clinton “Fear” Loomis were part of the EG roster that won The International 2015, but in 2020 they have each stepped back from the competitive scene.

Ppd announced his retirement in April, leaving Ninjas in Pyjamas and focusing on other areas of his life. He has recently been competing in qualifier events with lesser-known NA talents without actually forming a consistent team, but it looks like that might have changed.

Fear was a little more upfront with his departure, stating that he would be taking an extended break from competitive Dota until the Dota Pro Circuit started back up in 2021. It appears that, along with ppd, he is ready to start the grind again now that Valve has confirmed the DPC is starting back up on Jan. 28.

According to ppd and BTS, he is teaming up with Fear, David “Moo” Hull, Jingjun “Sneyking” Wu, and David “dnm” Cossio. Their stack, called the Sadboys will take the place of 4FUN, Sneyking and Moo’s previous roster that disbanded yesterday.


Both Moo and Sneyking are NA veterans who have played with Fear in the past, while dnm is a 17-year-old NA pubstar who has spent several events on ppd’s stacks over the last several months. Depending on the results of this iteration of the BTS Pro Series, this roster could stick together to compete in some form during the new DPC season, though it could also just as easily break apart at the end of 2020.

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