G2 introduces m0NESY as newest addition to CS:GO roster


G2 introduces m0NESY as newest addition to CS:GO roster

CMD368 – G2 Esports has officially unveiled m0NESY as the latest signing for its CS:GO lineup. The official reveal of the addition of the up-and-coming Russian superstar is long overdue in the eyes of many. Rumors about G2 being interested in the 16-year-old had been spreading across social media for over a month now.

But now, it’s finally confirmed and G2 fans don’t need to wait any longer for the expected reveal. “Every single day, I wake up, and I see the message: sign him. Every fucking day. Fuck it, welcome m0NESY,” the organization’s founder and CEO, Carlos “Ocelote” Rodríguez Santiago, said in the announcement video.

The Russian player made his name and reputation in 2021 while playing for Natus Vincere’s academy, NAVI Junior. As a part of the young squad, he attended numerous tournaments and produced incredible individual statistics, quickly becoming popular and cementing himself as one of the future stars of CS:GO.

“I can’t wait to prove myself on G2 and hopefully at some point meet Sasha in a final, I am sure it will be a good game,” m0NESY said in the announcement video. By Sasha, the player obviously means s1mple, who’s regarded by many as the greatest CS:GO player. In 2021, s1mple led Natus Vincere to many trophies, including the PGL Stockholm Major title.

It’s unclear who will be stepping down from the G2 roster to make room for m0NESY, though. There have been many rumors regarding the G2 lineup for 2022 in recent weeks, so it’s tough to predict who will be benched or released.


It’s possible that acquiring m0NESY isn’t the only addition G2 makes before the next season starts. The organization is also in talks with Aleksib and coach XTQZZZ about joining the roster, according to a December report by 1pv.fr.