Geek Fam win PUBG Mobile Pro League Indonesia season 3


Geek Fam win PUBG Mobile Pro League Indonesia season 3

CMD368 – Geek Fam have emerged as the champions of the PUBG Mobile Pro League (PMPL) Indonesia season three today. After an intense regional final, they will now take home the trophy and $15,000. While fans expected the Indonesia finals to be a competition between the two strongest teams in the country, Bigetron RA and Evos Reborn, it wasn’t. Evos Reborn, who finished at second place in the league stage, had a disappointing outing in the finals. They got just one top-five finish from 18 games. With 61 points, Evos placed last.

Geek Fam put up a surprising performance in the finals, though. With 113 placements points, 100 kills, and three chicken dinners, they accumulated 213 points which propelled them to the top of the leaderboard. Bigetron RA came in second place. Even though they had one more placement point than Geek Fam, the team’s lower kill count (92 kills) put them in second place.

Geek Fam

Geek Fam and Bigetron have now qualified for the Peacekeeper Elite Asia Invitational (PEI), which will take place later this month. Sixteen teams from across the continent will be battling for a share of the three million Chinese Yuan (about $460,000) prize pool.

Besides this, the top two teams have also made it to the PMPL SEA Championship. Second-placed Bigetron, however, had already been invited to the event as the defending champions. Therefore, third-placed Aura Esports have also earned a slot in the championship. The PMPL SEA Championship will happen from May 21 to 24.

Here are the overall standings of the PMPL Indonesia season three finals.

  1. Geek Fam: 213 points
  2. Bigetron RA: 206 points
  3. Aura Esports: 187 points
  4. Genesis Dogma GIDS: 160 points
  5. BONAFIDE: 147 points
  6. BOOM Esports: 147 points
  7. Aerowolf Limax: 140 points
  8. Victim Sovers: 126 points
  9. RRQ RYU: 119 points
  10. Voin Victory88: 109 points
  11. Onic Esports: 107 points
  12. Skylightz Gaming: 103 points
  13. Dewa United: 103 points
  14. 21 Esport: 90 points
  15. Eagle 365 Esports: 84 points
  16. EVOS Reborn: 61 points

Even though Evos Reborn finished in 16th place, they will also be representing Indonesia in the SEA Championship because the team placed second in the league stage. They will be looking into the errors they made in the finals and attempting to rectify them ahead of the SEA Championship.

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