How to play the Bluehole mode in PUBG Mobile


How to play the Bluehole mode in PUBG Mobile

CMD368 – The newest Evo-Ground mode to drop into PUBG Mobile is the Bluehole Mode. It adds an interesting twist to the match and is played on the classic Erangel map. In this mode, there will be two zones present on the map: an outer and inner zone. The outer zone will behave as it normally does in classic matches. The inner zone, however, will be present somewhere on the map and will represent the position of the next zone. The inner zone deals standard damage compared to the normal blue zone.

The inner zone will be visible to players from the time the flight takes off over the map. This means players can strategically land in a spot that grants good loot while also easily rotating to the next zone. After the outer zone completely shrinks to the inner zone, a new inner zone will appear. Thus, players will be aware of the next zone throughout the match.

Bluehole mode

What makes the mode even more interesting is that supplies spawn with a 50-percent increase. Players will also be able to revive their downed teammates in just four seconds. PUBG Mobile has been adding new modes with every update to keep players hooked. The Jungle Adventure mode for Sanhok was also recently released.

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