LING ER disqualified from OMEGA League amidst a match-fixing scandal


LING ER disqualified from OMEGA League amidst a match-fixing scandal

CMD368 – WePlay! Esports and Epic Esports Events have disqualified a team from the OMEGA League: Asia Divine Division event after they were found guilty of match-fixing – something that not even the online Dota 2 tournaments can avoid. During the Omega League Asia Divine division competition, a series between Execration and Cignal Ultra and another featuring the LING ER and DeMonster stacks, had concerns raised about their legitimacy.

In a press release from earlier today, WePlay! confirmed that the team LING ER had been disqualified from the OMEGA League: Asia Divine Division tournament this morning following match-fixing allegations. In their report, WePlay! reveal that they investigated two separate series: Execration versus Cignal Ultra and LING ER versus DeMonster. Their initial findings for the first series came back inconclusive as their data did not show any large bets placed on a victory for Cignal – who in turn lost the series and it was concluded that this was not a throw by the team.

WePlay! picked up on suspicious betting activity in game two, which was lost by LING ER. This evidence pointed towards an intentional loss by the players and thus the decision to disqualify and ban the team was made. Vitaliy ‘Nexius’ Bozhko, Lead Esports Manager at WePlay! had the following to say on this matter, We’ve looked at the match between Linger and DeMonster ourselves and asked for opinions and any data from analysts, players, and representatives of betting companies. The evidence we have and the subjective opinions we heard are consistent that Linger lost the second game of the series intentionally.”


The ban excludes the five players for participating in any event organised by both WePlay! Esports as well as Epic Esports Events for the time period of one year – ending on August 31st, 2021. However, it is the prerogative of both organisations as to whether or not the ban will indeed be lifted and could be extended depending on further allegations or findings.

LING ER were not originally a part of the OMEGA League: Asia Divine Division event, having been brought in quite late as a replacement for Team Ocean. The team, a mix of Chinese and Malaysian players, is as follows:

  • Yeo ‘TigerCat’ Chun Kiat
  • Wang ‘大猪’ Jie
  • Law ‘眼高手低’ Chee Hoong
  • Liew ‘Bee’ Wei Hang
  • Hao ‘76561198125784995’ Zeng

The Aug. 9 match between XctN and Cignal led to WePlay! talking with betting companies that ran competitions for the series. Those bookmakers noted that the match did “spawn some unusual activity,” but nothing that directly pointed to either team throwing games.

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