Livik: PUBG Mobile’s latest map


Livik: PUBG Mobile’s latest map

CMD368 – After weeks of speculation, we now know the name of PUBG Mobile’s newest map. It will be the first exclusive map in the game. The exclusive map, which was released in beta last month, is called Livik. Some PUBG Mobile YouTubers thought it would be called “Fourex.”

The map is very small and different from the other maps in PUBG Mobile. Like the other three maps, Livik has a theme to it. It has beautful grasslands with waterfalls in the south with a snowy terrain toward the north. In the southwest part of the map, there is a desert. Livik will become the first PUBG Mobile exclusive map. All of the other maps—Erangel, Sanhok, Miramar, and Vikendi—were ported from the PC version of the game.


This new map will be a very small map, with PUBG Mobile YouTuber Powerbang Gaming predicting it will be just 2×2 km. This hasn’t been confirmed, though. A release date for the map still hasn’t been confirmed.

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