LoL World Championship: Schedule and LPL Statistics revealed


LoL World Championship: Schedule and LPL Statistics revealed

CMD368 – All the big regional League of Legends competitions are coming to an end in the next few weeks, and day by day, we are knowing what teams will go on holidays and what teams will keep fighting this year in the most important tournament of all: the League of Legends World Championship.

Since its announcement during the 2019 LoL World Championship in Paris, Shanghai was the chosen place to hold the Championship, but this year everything could have changed due to the pandemic COVID-19. Nevertheless, Riot Games announced their intentions to go ahead with the plans for Worlds, and more details about the tournament were revealed. For example, we already knew that the first stages will begin the upcoming September 25th and the big Finals will be held in Pudong Football Stadium on October 31st.

Worlds 2020 will last for 21 match days, starting on September 25th, here are the translated dates and stages:

  • Play-in Stage: from September 25th to 30th.
  • Group Stage Round 1: from October 3rd to 6th.
  • Group Stage Round 2: from October 8th to 11th.
  • Quarter-Finals: from October 15th to 18th.
  • Semi-Finals: October 24th and 25th.
  • Finals: October 31st.

This information comes together with statistics as revealed by Tencent for the LPL during 2020. According to these statistics, the LPL kept growing even during the pandemic. The Chinese competition registered last year more than 20 billion live viewers, a number that is nothing compared with the views registered for their content concerning the events and tournaments in 2019, which reaches 65 billion viewers.

LoL World Championship

Despite the problems caused by COVID-19 during the Spring Split, the LPL views steadily increased. The average daily unique viewers increased by more than 27% compared with last year’s Spring Split, while the viewers in the Finals increased by more than 42%. This leads to another interesting statistic: the overseas users watching LPL 2020 via overseas streaming platforms increased by 200% compared to last year, and the highest number of simultaneous online viewers increased by 140%.

The numbers are crazy, and very good news for the esports industry. Obviously, all these increases in statistics have a consequence: according to the Tencent Sports report, even during the pandemic, the business revenue of LPL still experienced an increase of over 20%. It is unimaginable how it would be if there wasn’t a pandemic, so we’ll just have to see what happens next year when the League of Legends World Championship will go back to China. It is clear that the Chinese teams and esports organizations will register insane numbers again.

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