Long live your Queen: The QoP Arcana has arrived


Long live your Queen: The QoP Arcana has arrived

CMD368 – As we all push levels into our TI10 Battle Pass, Valve has graced us with the unveiling of Queen of Pain’s Arcana – as well as a comic that could possibly hint to future hero releases.

It has been nearly three weeks since we saw the Battle Pass for The International 10 released and with that release, we learned of THREE new Arcana sets that we could earn. First was The One True King Bundle which unlocks at level 375, while the Queen of Pain and Windranger Arcanas were shrouded in mystery. Just a few hours ago, Valve decided to grace us with the QoP Arcana which came with a video.

Akasha, as she was named back in DotA, but better known by QoP now days, had her Arcana released alongside a short story line which also features the likes of Nevermore and Vrogros – otherwise known as Shadowfiend and Underlord, but there are technically three other characters also revealed in this comic. One of these is said to be Akasha’s brother, B’Kor.

The second and third new characters are a demon by the name of Knogh, who lives in servitude of a human named Vanessa. In the comic we see Knogh giving up his power to Akasha as she would, “inherit the lands and power associated with his clan.” This leads to the final frame where we see a stunning image of QoP in her Eminence of Ritsul Arcana.

For the Arcana itself, Battle Pass owners need only reach level 445 to receive this amazing appearance which also comes with a Royal Decree customization after obtaining 1000 Sonic Wave kills with it equipped. You can find all the information on the mouth watering Arcana here. Now we just await the Windranger Arcana release, which requires level 575 on a Battle Pass to unlock.


Speculation toward new heroes has definitely arisen since this with B’Kor being the prime suspect but also a possible addition of Vanessa and her enslaved demon, Knogh. Unfortunately, for now, we have no other information on this and will have to wait for Valve to maybe give us a few more teasers in the future.

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