Loops Esports penalized for avoiding to engage in PMWL West season zero


Loops Esports penalized for avoiding to engage in PMWL West season zero

CMD368 – Tencent has announced that Loops Esports have been penalized for teaming-up in the PUBG Mobile World League (PMWL) West season zero. The incident happened during match four on day three of the league play’s second Super Weekend. Loops Esports were waiting inside a wooden house between Camp Alpha and Bootcamp on Sanhok when Team Queso rotated in front of them, out in the open.

The live stream showed that even though Loops’ Michael “Dadin” Barboza had a clear target onto Queso’s Miguel “Mystic” Ramoha, he didn’t take the latter down. Dadin was aiming down a 3x scope directly on Mystic but just fired a warning shot. Mystic, along with the rest of Queso were able to comfortably rotate past Loops.

Tencent announced after this incident it was launching an internal investigation. This investigation wouldn’t just look into the aforementioned incident but the entire PMWL. Today, Tencent said there was “no evidence” that the two teams directly teamed up. Loops deliberately avoided engaging with Team Queso, however, which is something Tencent deemed “unsportsmanlike conduct.” Due to the unsportsmanlike conduct, Tencent removed all points Loops earned on that day.

Loops Esports

Tencent also added that it was able to confirm that Queso wasn’t involved in the action of Loops. Hence, the team will face no repercussions. This verdict was delivered after analyzing all engagements, communications, kills, and knockdowns between the two South-American teams. Loops Esports has lost 44 points due to this. The team still sits in the first place of the Super Weekend rankings table with 442 points.

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