MATUMBAMAN officially joins Team Liquid after leaving secret


MATUMBAMAN officially joins Team Liquid after leaving secret

CMD368 – The European Dota 2 roster shuffle continued today with MATUMBAMAN settling on his new home, Team Liquid, after officially parting ways with Team Secret two days ago.

Fans were already discussing a possible move to Liquid for MATUMBAMAN since his teammate, Zai, joined its ranks earlier this month. Their departures were nothing short of shocking for the fans since both came after one of Team Secret’s most dominant competitive years in Dota 2. Right after the move became official, MATUMBAMAN shared a short clip on Twitter and Liquid welcomed him under its banner once again, both saying that he’s coming home.

This is going to be MATUMBAMAN’s second stint on Liquid, but with a completely different squad. MATUMBAMAN was a part of the Liquid roster that won The International 2017 under the leadership of KuroKy. MATUMBAMAN was later let go from the team in 2019 after a series of disappointing results. Shortly after that, the squad decided to form its own organization, Team Nigma, and didn’t extend its contract with Liquid.

Liquid has been welcoming new talents to its ranks since then and had a rather impressive DPC season with its young squad, captained by iNsaNiA.

Despite welcoming two new players, it’s still unclear who MATUMBAMAN and Zai will be replacing on Liquid. There haven’t been any official announcements of departures and considering how versatile MATUMBAMAN and Zai can be in terms of their roles, Liquid has several options.

MiCKe could return to the mid lane while MATUMBAMAN takes over the position one. Zai, on the other hand, can play positions three and four at the highest level, making fans wonder who Liquid will be looking to cut to make room for its new players.


Fans won’t have to wait that long for the answer, however, since the next season of the DPC is set to start on Nov. 29. That means Liquid will have to sign up for the season with its final lineup soon.

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