Na’Vi replaced by B8 at BEYOND EPIC due to roster changes


Na’Vi replaced by B8 at BEYOND EPIC due to roster changes

CMD368 – Na’Vi has decided to withdraw from BEYOND EPIC as it works to finalize a Dota 2 roster for the rest of the summer. Na’Vi’s absence created an opening for another team to join the Europe/CIS bracket from the closed qualifiers, meaning B8’s time to shine has finally come.

After replacing everyone but himself, Dendi’s new roster broke a competitive Dota 2 record 0-26 losing streak. They came close to making it into the tournament through their own improved play, but Team Empire Hope, now just Team Empire, and were still able to one-up the new roster.

After being eliminated by 0-2, Dendi came out and said that while the series was able to continue, he was hit with a DDoS attack twice over a two-day period. He was able to play, but it is unclear if this event actually affected his gameplay in a truly impactful way that would have swung the series.


But while B8 fixed its roster problems, Na’Vi is still searching for its own path to sustainable success within the current CIS climate. After signed away Bakyt “Zayac” Emilzhanov in February, the team has not been the same, only managing one top three finish at Gamers Without Borders 2020, which was a showmatch event.

And with the last-second withdrawal, Na’Vi legend Dendi and his team will take the place of his former team in the event. It is completely earned, as even with the two losses, B8 still finished in third place during the closed qualifiers, making them the next team up to fill the region’s empty slot.

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