Nigma partners with twofour54, will move operations to Abu Dhabi


Nigma partners with twofour54, will move operations to Abu Dhabi

CMD368 – Nigma announced today the team will be relocating to Abu Dhabi. This move is part of a new partnership with twofour54, a government-run, tax-free media zone located in Abu Dhabi. It hosts branches for several major media companies like CNN, Fox, and Ubisoft, and has recently been focused on expanding its gaming and esports ecosystem within the United Arab Emirates.

Nigma specifically falls under that sector, labeled the Abu Dhabi Gaming (AD Gaming) project, which is supported by Unity Technologies, Flash Entertainment, UAE Pro League, Emirates Esports Association, and the Media Zone Authority. Nigma will operate from Abu Dhabi at a dedicated training facility for at least the next five years, where they will “become a driving force behind the continued growth of the Middle East’s video game and esports industry.”


“We are delighted to welcome Team Nigma to the capital of the UAE,” Director of Strategic Partnerships at twofour54 James Hartt said. “We look forward to supporting and delivering this winning team of local superstars to the world. Team Nigma will generate jobs in Abu Dhabi’s esports sector and will inspire local talent by showcasing what can be achieved in this industry through dedication and hard work.” Most of the Nigma’s players already lived in Egypt, Jordan, and Lebanon. Now, the entire team will be able to group up, train together, and focus on improving.

This partnership will provide the player-founded organization with more infrastructure, including access to team development methods and mental support to talent in the region, access to the new Yas Creative Hub and Gaming Hub, and additional support. Nigma will join more than 15 gaming and esports businesses that will be part of Yas Creative Hub’s Gaming Hub, which opens later this year. You can learn more about twofour54 and its initiatives on the group’s website.

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