Ninjas in Pyjamas to exit the Dota 2 scene


Ninjas in Pyjamas exit the Dota 2 scene

CMD368 – The extremely hard year for the Dota 2 competitive scene forces one of the most known European organizations to rethink their strategy for the Dota 2 department and drop the entire current roster. While NiP started the 2019-2020 season with high hopes, having two TI winners at the helm to build a team capable of challenging the biggest names in the world on The International stage, the brutal change of landscape in the competitive scene during the coronavirus times brought numerous problems for teams around the world.

With Peter “ppd” Dager and Saahil “Universe” Arora retiring in April this year, and the entire line-up splitting ways, NiP were forced to look for an already formed stack to continue their vision for 2020. They signed a fresh mix that was making waves in the Europe and CIS competitions at the time, namely Chicken Fighters, but the fairy tale didn’t last long before the first roster change happened, removing the team captain, Akbar “SoNNeikO” Butaev.

On top of the already existing issues, the NiP Dota 2 team was never able to bootcamp during the whole year filled with travel restrictions, lockdowns and slowed visa processes around the world and that showed in their performance. They were currently competing at Epic League, however in the secondary division, which has a sizable lower price pool than the main division. Apart from Epic League, NiP competed in almost all the online tournaments held for EU and CIS, but they mostly placed top 6 or bottom four.

Ninjas in Pyjamas

“We’re seeing a high concentration of talent in the EU region, meaning that the cost of keeping up is markedly higher while revenues are dwindling. Ninjas in Pyjamas is one of the most iconic teams in the world – competing for the biggest trophies is a core part of our DNA, and the road to that through EU is simply not viable at this point. Because of that, we have decided to shut down our DotA2 department in its current format, and rethink our strategy and regional presence completely,” said Jonas Gundersen, COO at NiP.

Although Valve announced that the Dota Pro Circuit will be reinstalled on the 18th of January 20102, there is still no update on the postponed TI10, which should have taken place this year in August. In hopes of more updates coming from the game developer, NiP leaves the door open for a possible return when the scene will seem more stable.

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