NiP destroys Team Liquid at OMEGA League: EU Immortal Division


NiP destroys Team Liquid at OMEGA League: EU Immortal Division

CMD368 – Ninjas in Pyjamas were having an abysmal run at OMEGA League: Europe Immortal Division and their last series against Team Liquid would decide whether they would be the first team eliminated from the event. Having lost each of their four-opening series, Ninjas in Pyjamas were in a dangerous spot as they went into their final series at OMEGA League: EU Immortal Division. A loss against Team Liquid would mean that they would become the first team eliminated from the event, but a win could see themselves save their tournament lives – if only for a brief period. Liquid were also not having a great run at the event, having lost their two opening series as well, and they would be hoping to turn things around.

Things remained fairly even between the two teams and remained that way up until around the 20-minute mark, which is when Liquid begun to pull ahead for a brief period. However, one fight changed all of that as NiP turned everything around, swinging the game in their favour and closing it out to take the lead. In what was almost a mirrored game two, Liquid were able to take a steady lead through the early game period, keeping their opponents locked down and looking as though a game three would be needed to decide the series victor.


One team fight changed everything and suddenly NiP turned the whole game on its head, running over Liquid at every turn – as the team begun to crumble. It did not take long for NiP’s lineup to march up to the high ground and force the GG call from Liquid as the Ancient was dying, giving them a 2-0 victory.

The win for NiP, being their first and only one of the group stages, will see them moving up to fifth place in the group for the time being, with Liquid now sitting in last – although having two series left to play. To qualify and avoid elimination, Liquid will have to win their last two series which are against FlyToMoon and OG and August 28th and 29th respectively.

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