oBo benches himself from Complexity and returns to North America


oBo benches himself from Complexity and returns to North America

CMD368 – Owen “⁠oBo⁠” Schlatter has benched himself from the Complexity CS:GO lineup according to the organizations CEO Jason Lake. Lake went on to say that the organization would be helping the 17-year-old find a new home on a North American Counter-Strike team. The young gun had been on Complexity throughout several rosters, however, the current global pandemic has seen him stationed in Europe for what seems to have been long enough oBo.

“Approximately 24 hours ago, he informed the team that he’d be returning to the United States at the conclusion of the EPL playoffs. And yesterday we were working on sorting out the best way forward from there. Very early this morning London time, he informed the team that he was at the airport and was running home,” Lake explained in a press conference from his personal Twitch account.


In terms of who is tho replace oBo, Complexity does have a few players in mind but the buyouts are “a bit ridiculous” Lake explained. “We’ve got a shortlist that we’ve put together. The honest truth is buyouts in Counter-Strike right now, as they have been when we built this team, they’re a bit ridiculous,” he said. “We want to provide our team with the absolute best player available but we won’t be extorted by teams trying to capitalize on this situation either.”

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