OG put an end to NAVI Epic League tournament run


OG put an end to NAVI Epic League tournament run

CMD368 – After having an incredible group stage run in the Epic League Division 1, NAVI seem to have run out of steam in the playoffs as they exit the tournament in the top 6. Knocked down in the lower bracket series by Vikin.gg, Natus Vincere got bested 2-0 by OG in their first elimination series, despite starting both matches in an aggressive stance that couldn’t be matched by the double TI Champion team. Both games featured the omnipresent Sven. NAVi had it in game one and along with Undying in his lane he was able to assert domination from the early stage. All three lanes went well for the CIS team, who around the 15 minute mark were in the lead, but on the opposite side of the river, OG were fighting with an Ursa-Io duo and were patiently waiting for the right moment to attack as five and crush down the opposition.

Although this was the second game of the night where Ursa proved to be a very effective counter to Sven, after Liquid managed to defeat Secret in a similar scenario, when given the chance to pick their carry in response to Sven, in game two against OG, NAVI opted for Lifestealer.

NAVI had once again a line-up suited for early aggression and lane dominance and they executed that part of the strategy perfectly. However, they were playing not only into a Sven-Io duo capable of turning the game around in a possible late game scenario, but they were also fighting into a heavy pushing line-up, as OG had both Shadow Shaman and Pugna on their side. NAVI managed to stay ahead for a good 30 minutes, but they got severely outplayed when they had to defend the high ground for the first time, losing the entire series on the back of a couple of small mistakes.


While NAVI and Team Secret were eliminated in the top 6 at EpicLeague, the winners of today’s elimination series, Team Liquid and OG will compete in the next battle for survival scheduled for tonight December 11 at 23:00 GMT.

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