OG releases Saksa, SumaiL from its Dota 2 roster


OG releases Saksa, SumaiL from its Dota 2 roster

CMD368 – OG’s Dota 2 team won’t look anywhere close to the same in its next iteration following the departures of Saksa and SumaiL earlier today. Both players originally joined OG when the team was rebuilding post-The International 9, when ana, JerAx, and Ceb all stepped down from the roster after winning back-to-back titles.

Throughout 2020, the new roster went through some turmoil due to travel and other complications brought on by COVID, leading to Ceb returning to replace SumaiL—though the king returned to OG to compete at TI10. But following a seventh-place exit from Dota’s biggest stage and a post-event team meeting, both Saksa and SumaiL voiced that they’d like to explore their options outside of OG.

Saksa is one of the most solid support players in Dota and will be a highly sought-after free agent for teams looking to build a better backline. SumaiL is also a juggernaut hard carry and demonstrated that he’s still a dominant force at TI10 and could change a roster’s core if they’re willing to build around him.


As for OG, the team is left with Topson, Ceb, and n0tail on its active roster, though Ceb previously announced that TI10 was likely his last tournament as a competitor and Topson could take an extended break to focus on his family. Nothing outside of Saksa and SumaiL’s release has been confirmed, but information about “the next iteration” of OG will be shared in the near future.

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