Olofmeister to return to FaZe Clan for BLAST Premier Fall Series


Olofmeister to return to FaZe Clan for BLAST Premier Fall Series

CMD368 – Olof “⁠Olofmeister⁠” Kajbjer is set to return to FaZe Clan for the upcoming BLAST Premier Fall Series. The information comes from a report by Cybersport.pl which claims the team will need to utilize him due to Nikola “Niko” Kovac’s pending departure. The 28-year-old stepped down from the FaZe active lineup in May due to fatigue. He’s stated previously he hadn’t figured out what his future would be but it seems at least for a tournament he’ll be back on the mouse and keyboard for Counter-Strike.

If this is true, it all but confirms NiKo’s time with FaZe Clan has come to an end. NiKo has been a hot commodity for years but sat comfortably on the FaZe Clan roster since March 2017 when he was signed from mousesports. According to he was transferred for a fee of roughly $500,000. Now he’ll get a new start on the G2 lineup alongside his cousin Nemanja “⁠huNter-⁠” Kovač whom he’d predicted to come a successful player back in 2017.


This certainly came to fruition as huNter- has soared to the top of Counter-Strike and continued to perform throughout his time on G2. Update: since this information came to light, olof has tweeted that it’s not true. FaZe Clan’s current roster is as below:

-Håvard “⁠rain⁠” Nygaard
-Marcelo “⁠coldzera⁠” David
-Helvijs “⁠broky⁠” Saukants
-Markus “⁠Kjaerbye⁠” Kjærbye
-Olof “⁠Olofmeister⁠” Kajbjer

-Janko “⁠YNk⁠” Paunović (coach)

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