Ozuna releases new song in collaboration with CoD: Mobile


Ozuna releases new song in collaboration with CoD: Mobile

CMD368 -Call of Duty: Mobile’s season seven, Elite of the Elite, has launched today with a new song by Puerto Rican artist Ozuna. For the game’s seventh season, Activision has announced a major collaboration with the 29-year-old artist. As a part of this, Ozuna has released a new single, titled A La Buena, El Mejor (translated to To the Good, the Best). The song is in Spanish and will be the theme for season seven.

Players will be able to listen to it in the lobby and inside the vehicles of the battle royale in CoD: Mobile. There is an option to turn it off if you don’t like the song. Several in-game features have arrived as well for this collaboration. This includes an Ozuna-themed operator with his name written on the front and signature bear insignia.

A new mode, called Ozuna Kill Confirmed, has also been added to the game. In this 10-vs-10 mode, the dog tags have been replaced with Ozuna candies. A featured event is also running alongside the mode called Sugar Rush.


To earn rewards through this event, players must complete some challenges in the Ozuna Kill Confirmed mode. Players can get Weapon XP cards, the Close Contact spray paint, Gas Grenade – Navy Digital, M4 – Colorweave, and a World of Ozuna frame through this.

With several mobile games like Free Fire and PUBG Mobile getting major collaborations with artists and personalities from around the world, this is a first for CoD: Mobile. It has been a constant complain within the community that the game isn’t advertised enough. Fans will be hoping to see a change after this collaboration with Ozuna.

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