Polish soccer team Wisła Kraków expands its esports operations, signs Dota 2 team


Polish soccer team Wisła Kraków expands its esports operations, signs Dota 2 team

CMD368 – Another big sports organization is expanding its esports operations into Dota 2, with Polish soccer club Wisła Kraków signing a new roster that will begin competing in upcoming events. This has been a move in the works for some time now, but the organization wanted to make sure it had the right group of players working together ahead of actually signing them.

In total, Wisła Kraków’s Wisła All iN! Games Krakow Dota lineup includes five players, several of which have teamed up multiple times to compete in recent events and qualifiers, a manager, and a commentator/host.

  • Natan “Exotic_Deer” Michalewicz
  • Marcel “Ekken” Hołowienko (captain)
  • Kuba “Jacob” Staniszewski
  • Marcin “Molex” Bucki
  • Patrick “Crush” However
  • Michał “Guerilla” Dziwak (manager)
  • Tomek “bandit” Borys (host)

All of the players and staff are from Poland, and the most decorated member of the team, Exotic_Deer played for several strong stacks like Team Kinguin and Let’s Do It back in 2018. Ekken will be operating as the team’s captain as they work to earn some wins under their new banner.

“We are glad that Wisła Kraków has taken us under its wing.” Ekken said. “We feel that this bond with the organization will be something special. It will definitely help to push the Polish scene upwards and thus, pump up Polish Dota 2 fans. We believe that we have potential, motivation and, above all, we believe that we are able to achieve a lot.”

Prior to this move, Wisła Kraków fielded a relatively successful CS:GO roster captained by Grzegorz “SZPERO” Dziamałek and several FIFA players. Now, the organization hopes to provide more stability for the Dota scene in Poland, while also competing with top teams and growing the brand.

“We are very pleased with the fact that we can establish another division within our structures,” Wisła Kraków sales and esports manager Mieszko Łabuz said. “We also hope for a positive revival of the scene in Poland. By engaging in Dota 2, we stand in line with such global brands as PSG or AS Monaco—I hope we will be able to face them soon!”

According to management, the team has already been training together at the team’s facilities and will be releasing some content in the near future, while also preparing to compete in some upcoming event.

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