PSG.LGD destroy EHOME to claim their second CDA-FDC Pro Championship title


PSG.LGD destroy EHOME to claim their second CDA-FDC Pro Championship title

CMD368 – After the lower bracket final was settled earlier in the day, the CDA-FDC Professional Championship Season 2 would reach its culmination as EHOME and PSG.LGD fought things out in the grand final.

With Vici Gaming and Elephant being eliminated very early on in the playoff stage of the event, things opened up for the likes of Team Aster and EHOME to shine, with both making it into the top three. The lower bracket final would see the two fighting it out for a chance to snatch the title away from the Season 1 winners, PSG.LGD. Unfortunately for Aster, they were unable to take down a stronger EHOME, and the grand final was set.

For the first game of the series it would be a Wang “Ame” Chunyu Anti-Mage which ended up being one of the deciding factors to secure PSG.LGD an early series lead. While Song “Sccc” Chun would grab Terrorblade in an attempt to fight, he was completely shutdown, finding absolutely no farm through the half hour game. The next game was over in only 18-minutes, with an extremely low scoreline but no chance for EHOME to ever fight. With a few early pickoffs and some great farming, LGD were ahead in net worth, and one final fight secured the GG call with the game ending at 12-2 in LGD’s favour.


With their backs against the wall and a possible 3-0 loss coming their way, EHOME would need to pull out all the stops for game three but PSG.LGD were not about to let things slip away. Although they found some decent openings, securing some great team fight victories and good pick offs around the map, LGD’s line up was way ahead, with Cheng “NothingToSay” Jin Xiang’s Leshrac ripping apart the EHOME squad. By the time LGD breached the high ground, EHOME were in tatters, calling the GG and giving PSG.LGD their second CDA-FDC Pro Championship title.

While this event comes to an end, from tomorrow we will see both teams continue forward in the playoffs at the China Dota2 Pro Cup Season 2 – where PSG.LGD have seen farm more struggles and are in the lower bracket.

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