PUBG Mobile bans 1.49 million accounts in a week for cheating


PUBG Mobile bans 1.49 million accounts in a week for cheating

CMD368 – There is nothing worse in video games than cheaters. PUBG Mobile is no stranger to this issue. The in-game anti-cheat system bans millions of accounts every week. In the Dec. 4 to 10 weekly report, Tencent reported that 1,498,044 accounts were banned for using cheats.

There are several different hacks that cheaters use to gain an unfair advantage in the game. The majority of accounts were banned for using auto-aim hacks. Here is the exact distribution of the banned accounts:

X-Ray vision: 24 percent
Auto-aim hacks: 26 percent
Speed hacks: 16 percent
Modification of area damage: 10 percent
Modification of the character model: Seven percent
Others: 17 percent

PUBG Mobile

What makes hackers even more annoying in PUBG Mobile is that they are distributed throughout all ranks in the game. Even a conqueror player may encounter hackers in the game. Here are the rank-wise distribution of the banned accounts in the past week:

Conqueror: Two percent
Ace: Eight percent
Crown: 12 percent
Diamond: 14 percent
Platinum: 13 percent
Gold: 11 percent
Silver: 11 percent
Bronze: 29 percent

PUBG Mobile also posted a video on its social media handles today advising players on how to protect their accounts from hackers. It suggested keeping a new password for every account, enabling two-factor authentication, changing passwords every six months, and never sharing account info with anyone.

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