PUBG Mobile makes over $500 million in 72 days


PUBG Mobile makes over $500 million in 72 days

CMD368 – PUBG Mobile’s lifetime revenue has crossed $3.5 billion, according to a report by analytics company, Sensor Tower. Of this, $500 million came in 72 days alone. PUBG Mobile was released in March 2018 and has since become a global hit. It is to be noted that the revenue includes player spending in Game for Peace, the game’s Chinese version.

China continues to be the region with the highest in-game spending, with 53 percent of the total revenue, or $1.9 billion, coming from the country alone. This figure includes player spending only on the Apple App Store. Game for Peace hasn’t been released on Android’s Google Play Store due to its unavailability in China. It is only available through third-party application stores. Sensor Tower doesn’t track data from these third-party stores.

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The United States is PUBG Mobile’s next biggest region in terms of revenue, accounting for 13.6 percent of the total revenue. Japan ranks third with 5.5 percent of the revenue. PUBG Mobile has been downloaded over 770 million times since its release two years ago. The majority of these are from India with 185.5 million installs, followed by China at 16.4 percent of the total downloads.

Removing Game for Peace from the equation, PUBG Mobile has made over $1.7 billion. The Apple App Store accounts for the majority of this. PUBG Mobile was banned in India on Sept. 2 for allegedly stealing data to servers outside India. This will definitely take a huge toll on its total installs and player spending in the future. Currently, PUBG Corp. has revealed that it is working to bring the game back with Tencent no longer being authorized to publish the game in the country.

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