PUBG Mobile rolls out Golden Trigger set for its players


PUBG Mobile rolls out Golden Trigger set for its players

CMD368 – PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile (PUBG) has recently rolled out the Golden Trigger set for its players. It is available to the players through the Lucky Spin event that offers many different rewards, the top one being Golden Trigger set. According to BGR, the Lucky Spin rewards consists of Golden Trigger Set, PUBLING Helmet, Golden Dream Parachute, Rock Star Backpack, Golden Trigger Dacia and Golden Trigger Finish Airplane.

PUBG Mobile Players can also earn fragments and can be used to redeem gifts that include items from the Rock Star and Golden Trigger sets, BGR said. This latest is the recent follow up of the Royale Pass Season 13 which PUBG Mobile has recently rolled out. For PUBG players Royale Pass is the main way for players to get rewards in the game.


Royale Pass Points can be obtained to increase the rank. It may be mentioned that high demand for video games during COVID-19 lockdowns made blockbuster games PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile beat forecasts and also buoyed maker Tencent Holdings’ first-quarter revenue and profits. A Reuters report said that in-game spending on extras such as power-ups and object skins for PUBG Mobile alone surged to $232 million, more than three times the amount the title generated in March 2019.


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