PUBG Mobile season 15 with the new Royale Pass 15


PUBG Mobile season 15 with the new Royale Pass 15

CMD368 – PUBG Mobile has renewed a new season and its called Beyond A.C.E together with the all new Royale Pass 15. Players ranks have been reset and the new Royale Pass (RP) 15 has arrived into the battle royale gaming system. There are three variants to the Royale Pass which is the Free Pass, Elite Pass and the Elite Pass Plus.

The Elite Royale Pass offers much better rewards in PUBG Mobile which are valued at over 30,000 UC. The pass contains 100 tiers with each tier rewarding players with outfits, skins, emotes, and more. The Elite pass costs 600UC. The Elite pass plus costs 1,800UC and gives players 40 ranks at 25 percent off when compared to the Elite pass.

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This season’s highlight for the RP is the samurai-themed skins and outfits. Players can unlock the Samurai Ops emote, helmet, avatar, and outfit by advancing tiers in the Elite pass. The Royale Pass’ tiers also contain 600UC which can be used to unlock the next season’s Royale Pass as well. To proceed further in tiers, players have to earn Royale Pass points which can be earned by completing weekly challenges and daily missions. Furthermore, Elite Pass holders will have some exclusive missions which will have perks that will allow them to advance the tiers faster. Some in-game events will also grant Royale Pass points but it won’t be as those available for the Elite Pass holdes.

PUBG Mobile recently released its version 1.0 which brought a lot of changes to the battle royale game. This includes a huge graphics overhaul and a completely new user interface. The much-awaited New Erangel map has also dropped with version 1.0. PUBG Mobile still haven’t thoroughly eliminated hackers and in-game mods that are destroying the game. Eventough giving Erangel and update, players still want to see hackers banned as this issue has been going on since the very first day of the release of PUBG Mobile. Hopefully the game creators will once in for all put an end to this hackers.

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