PUBG Mobile’s Jungle Adventure mode to release on June 1


PUBG Mobile’s Jungle Adventure mode to release on June 1

CMD368 – The release date for PUBG Mobile’s newest mode has been revealed. The Jungle Adventure mode will be arriving in the battle royale game on June 1. The mode will only be playable on the Sanhok map. It was added as part of the 0.18.0 update earlier this month and will finally be going live next month.

Some players will randomly be put into this mode when playing a classic match on Sanhok, according to the 0.18.0 patch notes. Thus, the Jungle Adventure mode won’t be released as an Evo-Ground mode. While the mode will feature a normal classic match, there will be some exciting additions to the battlefield, including totems, jungle food, and hot air balloons.

Jungle Adventure

Ancient totems that can be used to receive a “blessing” or an item can be found on the map in this mode. Jungle food, on the other hand, will be growing in the jungles of Sanhok. Players can consume this to gain “mysterious effects.” Tencent hasn’t revealed what the “blessing” or “mysterious effects” will be. Players will have to wait until the mode is released to find out.

The hot air balloon could be the most exciting addition to this mode, though. This aerial vehicle will be found on the map. Players can control it to take to the skies and survey the battlefield.This is the first time Tencent is releasing a mode that will be integrated with classic matches in PUBG Mobile.

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