Riot to update Graves’ Q hitbox indicator across all of his skins


Riot to update Graves’ Q hitbox indicator across all of his skins

CMD368 – League of Legends senior VFX artist Kevin “Sirhaian” Leroy previously shared a “slightly different” VFX kit for the upcoming Sentinel Graves skin. But it appears a quality of life change will hit all of the Outlaw’s cosmetics. Sirhaian discussed community feedback on Sentinel Graves’ End of the Line (Q) hitbox today, explaining that its ground indicator was different compared to his other skins. To “make sure the skin is fair” and for “better clarity,” Riot will update all of Graves’ older skins with the appropriate hitbox.

Graves’ Q quickcast indicator only shows the initial missile’s width. When the missile returns, however, the hitbox is actually larger despite it not being clear. Since the Sentinel skin accurately depicts the Q hitbox’s ground indicator, Riot is extending those clarity changes to all Graves skins.

Sentinel Graves will differ a bit from the Outlaw’s other skins, with its VFX slightly changing after level 11. Before 11, Sentinel Graves’ abilities are surrounded by the Black Mist. But the Outlaw eventually purifies the corruption as the Sentinels of Light energy shines brightly.


Graves’ new hitbox indicator on all his skins will hit the PBE tomorrow. The change should make it to the live servers in the following patch.

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