Sccc taking a break after failed negotiations with a possible new team


Sccc taking a break after failed negotiations with a possible new team

CMD368 – Song “Sccc” Chun’s former team, Aster announced last month that the player decided to not renew his contract with the organization and with many other top contenders from the Chinese scene also undergoing roster changes, the fans were expecting to see him in a new jersey this month.

However, in a stream session from last night, Sccc announced that he will actually take a competitive break as his negotiations with a new team reached a deadlock. He didn’t disclose the names of those who he negotiated with but he said that parts involved could not “reach a compromise.” Sccc told his stream viewers “I actually understand it, everyone thinks from their own perspective, and there may not be another way yet, so I’ll pull back for some time. Both of us have our own things to worry about. I understand it and I’ll take a rest first.”


He also added that because he is unemployed now, he might move from Shanghai back to his hometown, Nanchang. He mentioned that after all these years of competitive play and a second place at The International 2017, he still didn’t buy a house of his own and that the Shanghai lifestyle is rather pricey, the food is expensive and with no certain income for the next months, he doesn’t want to “spend that much.”

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