Secret demolishes FTM in OMEGA League: EU Immortal Division


Secret demolishes FTM in OMEGA League: EU Immortal Division

CMD368 – Team Secret and FlyToMoon both played their fourth series of the event as OMEGA League Immortal Division kicked off yesterday. As usual, Secret was entirely unstoppable, taking a commanding victory in their first three series, dropping only a single game so far. As for FlyToMoon, the event had not gone great so far, managing only a single victory on their path to today’s series – but they would be hoping to change things up against Secret, although that proved to be an extremely tough task, as for any team.

Going into the first game, it was oddly FTM who were quick to take the fight to Secret, pushing their cores back in farm and, although trading away support kills, taking a small advantage into the mid-game period. However, as it was Secret that they were up against, FTM were always going to be on a tight timing window and as the game progressed, that window became smaller and smaller. By around 20-minutes things begun to fall apart for FTM and it almost seemed as though they had become extremely tilted as Secret took control of the game completely and forced out the GG call just past the half hour mark.

After having such a good start to the previous game, it was expected that FTM could produce a better ending to the next, but that was not to be the case at all. The GG call came in under 20-minutes this time around as they managed only four kills compared to the twenty from Secret and dropped another series at OMEGA League: EU Immortal Division.


With the victory, Secret move to the top of Group B, currently unbeaten and with a series against OG awaiting them tomorrow. For FlyToMoon, they will currently remain in fourth place with their final series against Team Liquid tomorrow being a must-win situation if they are to make it into the OMEGA League: EU Divine Division play-in stage – but unfortunately, relegation is on the cards after the loss.

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