Secret sends EG packing to lower bracket after a dominating match


Secret sends EG packing to lower bracket after a dominating match

CMD368 – Secret once again showed their dominance in the Dota 2 scene after a dominating match against Evil Geniuses. Secret have been methodical in all their recent tournaments, having flawless victories as they took first place at the last SIX events which they have been involved in. From the beginning of the OMEGA League event, it seemed extremely likely that they would be in for a seventh title, going unbeaten in the group stage of the event. Their challenger today would be Evil Geniuses, playing their first event in the EU region and hoping to make a great showing too – but it would be no easy task.

Right from the start of the first game of the series it was clear that EG would probably not get their way as Secret dropped only five kills, with Michal “Nisha” Jankowski going 14-0-6 on his Leshrac, pulling his team into a 1-0 lead. As expected, the series would be just another walk in the park for Secret as game two saw another brutal destruction by the squad. Although EG actually managed to take a few good fights and break into double digits on the scoreboard this time, having mega-creeps beating down at your ancient in 30-minutes is never a good sign.Secret

In a little over an hour in total, the entire series was over as Secret took a simple and relatively uncontested 2-0 victory over EG. The win will see Secret move into the upper bracket finals where they will face OG for the second time at OMEGA League: EU Immortal Division. For EG, their path now leads to the lower bracket where Alliance will be their first challenge to overcome should they want a shot at revenge. Tomorrow we will see OMEGA League return with that series after Team Nigma and Team Liquid fight to keep their tournament lives.

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