Team Adroit bring back Bok, Ninjaboogie to stand-in


Team Adroit bring back Bok, Ninjaboogie to stand-in

CMD368 – Team Adroit were eliminated early from the BTS Pro Series season two, but now the Dota 2 team could have an even brighter future with the return of veteran Jun “Bok” Kanehara. Some extra adjustments are also being made. Ninjaboogie joins the team as a stand-in due to further complications that will keep the squad from being completely whole.

Bok is returning from a short break that began following his team’s fourth-place finish at ESL One Birmingham Online in the Southeast Asia region in May. Prince “Bensoy ” Enriquez, a former teammate of Bok from his time on Team Amplfy last season, filled his role for Adroit during BTS but the team didn’t see much success. And while Bok is returning to the team, Bryle “cml” Alviso has decided to take his own break and has been placed on the inactive roster.

In response to this, Adroit reached out to veteran support player ninjaboogie to stand-in for the time being. Ninjaboogie was previously supposed to stand-in for Adroit when the team traveled to Los Angeles for the ESL One L.A. Major, but that plan was scrapped once the event was canceled.

Team Adroit

Adroit needed a quick and reliable fix for its roster since it’s pivoting directly from BTS season two to the ONE Esports Dota 2 SEA League. While ninjaboogie hasn’t played for an actually team since The International 2019, he’s still a top player with a lot of experience.

The surprising Adroit roster will look to continue its solid placements in the SEA region heading into the next few events with hopes that the return of Bok and ninjaboogie can push them over the edge.

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