Team Liquid land their first victory while remain undefeated at EPIC League


Team Liquid land their first victory while remain undefeated at EPIC League

CMD368 – Another round of matches is done and dusted in the Division 1 group play at EPIC League. The four-day batch of series brought the first victory for Team Liquid, who started the group stage on the wrong foot, while at the opposite pole, are the uncontested leaders.

Team Liquid’s 0-4 losing streak came to an end last night against those who can be regarded as their arch enemy, Alliance. The first game draft featured the first Lion pick of the tournament. It was played by Alliance who paired it with Bloodseeker in the offlane giving a pretty good Blood Rite – Earth Spike combo to keep Liquid’s safe lane duo under control.

Except for the mid lane which was lost, Alliance had a pretty strong start of the game as Liquid couldn’t match the damage outburst early. However, their draft was scaling better in the late game and had a lot of control spells to prevent Alliance’s Sven from crushing everyone around in the team fights which allowed them to close the series with a victory.

Team Liquid

Alliance continued to prioritize burst damage heroes in the second game and were punished with tanky cores and an elusive Dark Willow coming from Liquid who managed to outlast the early skirmishes to put an end to their losing streak. The day featured three quick series, all going 2-0 and it ended with another crushing victory for who are now sitting at the top of the group with four victories and no loss. Their latest victims are Team Nigma who got outmaneuvered in both games last night by a Magnus combo, with Faceless Void in game one and with Ursa in game two.

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