Team Secret continue their dominance as they reach the playoffs of ESL One Germany 2020


Team Secret continue their dominance as they reach the playoffs of ESL One Germany 2020

CMD368 – Although nobody would be eliminated today at ESL One Germany 2020, we would see the second team to make it into the playoffs after Alliance were able to claim a fantastic victory over OG last night.

As the third week of modified Swiss-format round robin group stage action came to a close today at ESL One Germany 2020, the final series would see Team Secret taking on Team Liquid, with both teams requiring one more victory to reach the playoff stage of the event. With 5men and Natus Vincere both finding their second victories against and Winstrike respectively, the final series was extremely hype. With Secret on a gigantic win-streak from many tournaments since the pandemic kicked in, there was a hope for someone to take them down – maybe Liquid.

Going into game one, Secret showed exactly why they were far and above everyone else currently, taking the lead early on and never letting it go at all. Although there was a brief period where Liquid were able to find a small window to come back into the game, Secret shut it quickly, securing a rather easy game one victory. Game two started of with Liquid having a much better opening to things – but as it goes, Secret are never a to be counted out and they proved it swiftly.

Team Secret

It wasn’t long before the game and series were over, with Secret destroying Liquid and forcing out the GG call, giving them another victory. The loss will see Liquid move on to the fourth round of group stage action at ESL One Germany 2020, where they will still require one last victory to move on into the playoffs. For Secret, they continue forward as an unstoppable force, now getting an elongated break as they make it into the playoff stage.

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