Team Secret continues their dominating streak with a 3-0 win at the grand finals


Team Secret continues their dominating streak with a 3-0 win at the grand finals

CMD368 – Team Secret continues the total domination of the online season with another 3-0 grand finals victory, gathering in total eight flawless tournament victories in just four months. OGA Dota PIT Season 3 title was claimed by Team Secret in the same clinical fashion as all their previous 3-0 grand finals. VP. Prodigy were one of the two fortunate teams to have a second chance at stopping Secret’s winning streak, but much like OG at BLAST Bounty Hunt and Omega League, they hit an unbreakable wall in the grand finals.

Nonetheless, VP.P started the OGA Dota PIT grand finals pretty well and gave Team Secret a few tense moments courtesy of clutch plays coming from Dmitry “DM” Dorokhin on Magnus and team captain Vitalie “Save-” Melnic on Disruptor, who were the most important factors in VP.P’s efforts of keeping a balanced opening match. Unfortunately for the youth team of, the lack of competitive experience showed when it mattered the most and they crumbled under Secret’s pressure past the 30 minute mark.

Team Secret

After the first game loss, VP.P went extremely fast from having a glimmer of hope to take a game from their opponents to super defensive play and unforced errors. They ran a potentially team-fight crushing combo with Mars, Faceless Void and Dark Willow, but they’ve never been able to coordinate their three massive ultimates, the Chromosphere being used most of the time defensively. Despites’s DM’s great efforts once again, his Arena of Blood was not enough to intimidate Secret and the game was lost in 33 minutes.

With the third game being a merciless stomp that started with Team Secret having 1k gold lead at minute 0, courtesy of 4 bounties and the first blood, the OGA Dota PIT grand finals lasted just one hour and 32 minutes, which is just two minutes longer than the other grand finals where VP.P got crushed 3-0 by Secret, back in May at WePlay! Pushka League Season 1.

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