Team Secret win seventh straight title after demolishing OG at Omega League


Team Secret win seventh straight title after demolishing OG at Omega League

CMD368 – A full month of high-level competition in the Omega League: Europe Immortal Division has shown the Dota 2 community one thing, and that is Team Secret are playing at a level that few others can even meet right now. After dropping just two games since the competition began on Aug. 14, Secret swept OG in the grand finals to win their seventh straight title.

Secret let OG pick Io in game one, but Puppey’s drafting skills remained unmatched as Secret put together a lineup focused on shutting down any attempt direct confrontations, namely using Faceless Void, Kunkka, and Sand King. OG were in control for much of the mid-game, but Secret swiftly took the reigns after two decisive teamfights post-40 minutes.

Going into the series we seemed set for some fireworks as game one lasted nearly a full hour and OG were the ones initially making all the plays across the map. With a massive 79 kills in total over the 53-minute game, both teams put up a spectacular fight but, as usual, it was Secret who came out ahead.

Turning things around from 40-minutes onwards, Secret broke OGs spirit and took a quick series lead. After that it was time for Secret to show their normal skill as they barely allowed their opponent a chance to breath in game two, with Lasse “MATUMBAMAN” Urpalainen even managing to secure a Lifestealer RAMPAGE as Secret moved to 2-0.

Things got worse as game three came around and it was clear from very early on that Secret would be easily securing another unstoppable grand final unless OG could make a huge turnaround. It took only 22-minutes for the GG call to out this time as Secret destroyed their opponent and claimed their seventh online tournament win in a row – their eighth tournament win this year.

Team Secret

The win sees Secret walk away with $200,000 while OG take the second place reward of $125,000. However, there were also a few consolation prizes as the MVP vote for both support and core players went to Maroun “GH” Merhej and Amer “Miracle” Al-Barkawi of Team Nigma who receive $5,000 over and above the third place prize of $60,000.

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