Tickets for Dota 2’s The International 2022 will be available soon


Tickets for Dota 2’s The International 2022 will be available soon

CMD368 – Dota 2’s premier annual event, The International 2022, is fast approaching. Fans eager to attend The Playoffs in Singapore between Oct. 20 to 23 and The Finals between Oct. 29 to 30 can buy tickets on Aug. 13, but the price is steep.

Valve announced the news via a blog post on Aug. 4. The tickets will be sold in a single wave starting at 10am SGT (9pm CT) on the day. They’re limited to five per customer for each day of the event.

The excitement has been soured by the unexpectedly high ticket prices, however, which is an extra blow for those flying in from all four corners of the globe.

Those planning to attend the event must buy a separate ticket for each day of The Playoffs. It costs $88 SGD or $63 USD per day, which equates to $352 SGD or $254 USD for those wanting to attend all four days.

What’s more, if they want to attend The Finals, they’ll need to buy an additional ticket for $498 SGD or $360 USD, bringing the total to $850 SGD or $615 USD. Add flights and accommodation onto that, and the price shoots up even more.

The International 2022

People from Europe, the United States, Indonesia, and even locals in Singapore have banded together to express their concerns about it. At this stage, though, it’s unlikely that anything will change.

Valve is also now open to requests for organizers interested in running a League or Major for the 2023 DPC season. The ticket price hike, however, has some concerned about whether it will impact Majors next year, too.

The format will be similar to this year except each regional league division will run for three weeks rather than six and will have separate schedules. Valve has also confirmed three Majors will take place in February, April, and June.